Com tam – Broken rice in Vietnam


Broken rice is considered as a popular traditional food in Vietnam. They can eat broken rice anytime, in the morning, afternoon or even at night. Broken rice is usually served by street vendors who have extremely effective way to attract customers by fantastic smell of grilled pork.

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Com tam – A speciality of Ho Chi Minh city

This dish is an integral part of life in Ho Chi Minh city, as is “Phở” (Vietnamese noodle soup) in Hanoi; locals eat it anytime, in the morning, afternoon or even at night.

The main ingredient is fractured rice that is very cheap kind of rice in Vietnam, but preferred by chefs due to its different texture and taste. “Cơm tấm” is enjoyed with fragrant grilled pork, tough thinly shredded pork skin (called “bì”) and various green and pickled vegetables, accompany with omelet, prawn paste cakes and grilled prawns.

Thinly shredded pork skin

Sometimes, soy sauce or sesame oil added when grilling meat to make amazing smell and saffron color. Additionally, a small bowl of sauce along with a small bowl of soup broth is provided to serve with the dish.  Day after day, the aromatic flavors of “cơm tấm”, of grilled pork threads their way through each street corner, each alley, whetting many curious passersby’s appetite. Just try it to think about it, miss it and then have a deep longing for it.

Soy sauce

The are so many people saying that if you want to know culture of Vietnam, you should enjoy Vietnamese cuisine. This food is one of the most delicious foods you should try in Ho Chi Minh city.